Hot Day & a Hot Couple - Kristen & Doug

Thursday, July 29, 2010 - Weddings
We have had so much fun with Kristen and Doug over the last year or so. These two were one of the first weddings we had booked for this year. You may remember the fun we had last fall at Nissley Winery for their engagement session. They sure know how to laugh...

June 19th was no different for their wedding day, there were just a few more tears mixed in. :) A church ceremony was performed followed by a trip to the Reading Museum for fun photos of the couple and wedding party. We tromped all over the grounds of the museum, trying to avoid the 3 or 4 other wedding parties that were there. Luckily, we like to be off the beaten path anyway, so it was fairly easy to avoid everyone else who was gathering around the "popular" spots. Right before Kristen & Doug were ready to get back on the limo bus, we spied the ice cream truck just sitting in the parking lot. We didn't know if he was there for another wedding party, or if he was just hanging out. Turns out he was just hanging out, so we got some photos of Kristen and Doug enjoying some yummy ice cream on their hot, hot day! We only posted one photo from it, but we got some great series of shots from the ice cream truck. :)

Off to the reception at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel - complete with rowdy partying, a photo booth, some wine spilling accidents (ahem), and a very dangerous garter toss, that ended up with several guys scrambling on the floor. Way too much fun! There was also talks of doing shots out of guests shoes, but it didn't end up happening before we left for the evening. What a day!
Kristen was just gorgeous! I loved, loved her dress.
Yeah, a little Captain Morgan to start the day. :) The playground at the church had this huge wooden pirate ship, so we decided to have a little fun with Doug. :)
It's go time people!
Just a little peak...
Yay! They are so happy in this shot, I love it when couples are just beaming as they walk down the aisle.
Lots of bubbles!
Love this wedding party shot.
And Kristen's shoes!! I nearly forgot how cool they were - some of the sexiest purple shoes I have ever seen!
Oh thank you ice cream man! Kristen is in heaven, Doug is nearly there, and the ice cream man is handing them a napkin. Who could ask for more?
Let the rowdiness begin...
Ya just can't go wrong with a cupcake tower. You really can't.
I love this shot - these kids were so cute, and I loved how they were all huddled around the moms trying to see whatever photo they had gotten on their camera.
This one cracks me up too. Yeah, we have a weird sense of humor.
Wine spilling incident #1...
Yeah that is some group shot. All Millersville University alumni.
Joel just thought this was the funniest thing to happen all night. Doug was in this serious conversation with their pastor - he's the one on the right - when his two buddies came up and just started dancing all over him. Joel said it was super funny and super awkward all at the same time. :)
Garter. Dance Floor. Groom throwing garter. Buddies hitting dance floor to catch garter. Awesome.
Exterior of the hotel on the way out. Sweet!
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