Molly & Adam's Burnside Plantation Vintage Wedding!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - Weddings
Hands down, Molly and Adam's wedding on June 12th had some of the best details we have seen at a wedding in awhile. The entire day (except for getting ready) was held at Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem, PA. Gorgeous place! So much character. Molly and Adam just oozed love and good old fashioned charm. They are such a sweet couple! And Molly sure was something, she just cried at the drop of a hat! :) Well not really, but she was very emotional during the ceremony, and she had a right to be. It was one of the nicest ceremonies; they had two of their close friends conducting the ceremony (with just the local JP doing the actual marrying part) - and it was really something. You will see a lot of photos of it below.

Another super rad thing about the ceremony, was the actual "staging" area of the ceremony. Adam and his dad built it from scratch! It is so totally cool, and you can tell they put a ton of hard work into it. I think I recall that they said they were there for nearly 12 hours assembling it 2 days before the wedding. (Adam and Molly live in Massachusetts, so they had to bring it down to PA in pieces.) What dedication and talent! Photo of that is below too. As for all of the other details, there are just so many to mention here, you will have to look below. We had too many photos for the blog post, so we made up some detail collages below.

I really could ramble on about this wedding, but I would be writing all day, so I'll post some good snippets throughout the photos below!

Adam, showing off his brown and pink. Pink tie, boutonniere, handkerchief AND socks. It takes a real man to wear that much pink! I think Adam has it! :)
Molly was constantly erupting in laughter - it made for some really great photos! Like here while she was stuck getting in her dress!
Adam saying by to mom as he is taken off in the trolley to the ceremony.
Love those green shoes!
Molly's beautiful bouquet, the table decorations (Which were all antique and vintage tins filled with flowers - Molly said they spent endless weekends scouring flea markets and antique stores for them!), the fabric banners on the wood fences (all sewn by hand by Adam's mom!) and an interior shot of the tent where the reception was held.
Guests walking to the ceremony location.
Wedding programs, lots of yellow bridesmaids flowers, the trolley arriving (Hooray!) and the placecards for the guests - hanging on min-clotheslines on one side of the barn. So creative!
Adam anxiously awaits...
Molly reminding dad to turn off his cell phone before the ceremony!
Molly was really emotional when the moms read their part of the ceremony. Everyone was crying!
All of the guests sang a song to Molly and Adam during the ceremony as well...
Officially Married!
Here you can see the platform that Adam built. This entire set was constructed by him for the ceremony. We also made sure to use it for some of the portraits!
Whoa, that's a wedding party!
Joel loves this shot - he said it looks like this guest is exploding onto Molly!
Ah, sweet snuggle time...
Hooray! Their married!
Yes, I came up with this very sweet ring shot, thank you very much.
The cake, the chalkboard signs for the food stations, and an old typewriter with paper to type messages to Adam and Molly from the guests!
Smiling from ear to ear.
This little guy just didn't want to leave Molly go!
And one last shot in the photobooth!
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