Kathryn & Ryan at Casa di Fiori in Leola

Friday, July 16, 2010 - Weddings
Kathryn & Ryan's wedding was a hot one back on June 11th. Everything on their day was held at the fairly new wedding facility at Leola Inn, Casa di Fiori. Even though it was pretty steamy, we managed to get everyone outside for a bunch of portraits after the ceremony. Behind the hotel rooms, and restaurant(Mazzi) at Leola Village, there is a great little pathway lined with trees, bushes, and even the garden for the restaurant. We used them all to the fullest extent! Kathryn and Ryan were so fun and went along with whatever we thought up. They had a fairly small wedding party as well, and all of them just followed along and goofed around with us. It was a great day! Kathryn even got us permission to go into the wine room at Mazzi - that was pretty cool! Lots of great photos below!
Such a sweet shot of Ryan exchanging glances with mom after he saw Kathryn.
Oh yeah, knuckle bumps with sis!
Oh that wedding party...
One of my favorite shots!
Some fun times with the guys!
You would never guess that there is a huge housing development behind them and to the left. Its all about angles - yeah!
Flowers in flowers? Joel's humor coming out. :)
Oh I remember we had some fun right here. :)
Through the greenhouse window - sweetness!
Let us photograph some rings in lettuce! (Sorry, couldn't help it) It was funny though as Joel was doing this shot, Ryan saw what he was doing and was like, "We love lettuce!"
In the wine room at Mazzi.
A big introduction!
Karaoke reigns supreme! If you wanted Kathryn and Ryan to kiss you had to sing them a karaoke song. This was VERY interesting! :)
Surprise! Here comes the cake.
Fun with the guests and dancing!
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