Emily & Stuart's Lancaster Wedding

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 - Weddings
May 30th we photographed Emily & Stuart's wedding here in Lancaster. We started out at the Temple where they were to be married, with some emotional getting ready (Emily, her mom and sisters were all in tears!) and then a very sweet little first look between Emily and Stuart. A traditional Jewish ceremony was performed and then it was off to the reception at the Lancaster Jewish Community Center.

The reception was a ton of fun with some great details - Emily had a surprise groom's cake for Stuart - that was shaped and decorated like 2 suitcases (Stuart travels a lot). It was pretty cool. Another surprise of the evening was a little skit Emily's uncle performed with some of her family members. Apparently he had been teasing them about the fact that he was missing a lot of fishing time with the wedding, so he dressed up like a fisherman and sang a song about it. It was really, really funny, and everyone was rolling. There are a bunch of shots from that below.

We had a really great time with these two!
Sweet shot through the door of the ceremony.
This was a super funny part of the skit. This was supposed to be Stuart being caught in Emily's "net". :)
And look! She caught him!
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