Lori, Mike, and that oh so funny Griffin!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 - Babies & Kids
Oh Griffin! Griffin is something else. He's a typical baby, except he really has this thing for mouthing up whatever we put him in when we are photographing him! He first did it back at the Valentine's TWW session, and now here at his 6 month-ish session with his crib, and he even did it with a beach ball at the TWW Beach session just a few weeks ago! I think its an ongoing theme with Griffin. :)

We photographed Lori & Mike's wedding a few years ago, and Griffin is there first little one. I love seeing babies of our past couples! Lori had asked when she brought Griffin in for the Valentine's session, what the best age would be to have him photographed. I adamantly stated, "6-9 months!" the best age for babies, for real! They are so fun at this age, they are sitting up, but not really going anywhere yet, and are totally animated in their expressions. You can see all of that in Griffin below!

This was Lori and Mike's favorite, and ended up as a big canvas!
This is Griffin's, scared-of-the-big-guy-with-the-goatee look :)
Look, he's making the same face again! :)
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