Jen, Derric & Anna in downtown York

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 - Families
Isn't Anna the sweetest thing? She is so adorable! Way back in May (yeah, we are THAT far behind with blogging) - we hiked down to York to photograph Anna with her mom Jen, and dad, Derric. Jen had heard about us from one of our past brides, Crisha, and was really excited to have us take some photos of all of them. York was pretty blustery that day, the wind was whipping all over the place - sending Anna and Jen's hair flying! After some fun out on the street, we tucked into market, and found some super fun backdrops to use. We really enjoyed working with little Anna and her mom and dad, I hope we can do it again real soon!

Happy baby!
Smooshy, kissy-face, Anna.
Check this out - Joel rocks!
Who doesn't like candy backgrounds??
To market, to market to catch a fat pig! (or in this case, carrying a bunch of eggs!)
Super happy bouncy baby!
Anna liked seeing us through the window :)
"Hey, ya got some change on ya?"
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