Tanner's Presto Change-o! Fun baby session!

Thursday, June 10, 2010 - Babies & Kids
Tanner's mommy asked if we could do something different for his portrait session, so we decided to play baby dress up! Tanner was a wonderful sport, and put up with the many changes. First he was a handsome office worker in his shirt and tie. We played in his crib for those shots. He really likes the turtles in his crib. After we were done with that, we Tanner decided to be a cow. This one was especially fun. Next, he turned into a Newsie, in his vintage looking attire. And lastly, we went for the summer casual, with a button down turtle shirt. We moved all over the house for this session, and also taught Tanner some bad tricks. (oops!) Like climbing the stairs, sitting in the toy box...

Jen (Tanner's mommy) thought we were a bad influence. :) You decide!