Deep in the heart of Texas! Baby Leo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - Babies & Kids
Hooray for Texas! Some of you might have seen us mention we were going to San Antonio back at the end of April, but many of you didn't know why. One of our fun-lovin' wedding couples from last year, Melissa and Steve, moved to San Antonio shortly after their wedding (which was held on the picturesque Moshulu in Philadelphia). Apparently Melissa and Steve had some fun on the way to San Antonio, and got pregnant with their first little one! :) Melissa contacted me over the winter about the possibility of coming to Texas to photograph their baby when it arrived. She said she couldn't imagine anyone else taking their baby photos! Huge AWWWW! That made us feel really great. So we worked out the details, and off to San Antonio we went on April 22nd. We didn't know it when we booked it, but San Antonio's big event, Fiesta, was that same weekend. So it was super crazy in downtown! We actually didn't even get to the Alamo. Bummer! But we did get to photograph some stuff for us, which will be coming up in a minute in another post!

Baby Leo was only a few weeks old, and ready to go for his first big boy portrait session. Melissa's parents live nearby, so they came to help out a little with the session. We started out at their house, then tracked down some Texas type landscape - cactus, brush, and flowers! After the almost 2 hour session, Melissa and Steve treated us to a Texas treat - Rudy's BBQ. Boy was that good and some experience. One of my favorite things about San Antonio was the food. We had such a great time while we were there - a huge thank you to Melissa and Steve for bringing us there! We hope we can do more destination portrait sessions in the future - it was so fun!

Leo's first outfit was a traditional Puerto Rican outfit that belonged (if I remember correctly!) to Melissa's grandfather.
Steve had a handsome big boy outfit picked out for a few shots of the three of them. What a tender moment with mom and dad.
The dogs wanted in on the session too!
Help mom! They put me in jail!
This is one of my favorite shots of the day - I love that you can see Steve pulling the pacifier out in the bottom left corner. Leo didn't like that too much!
But, um, yeah, this one takes the cake! Best shot of the day! Leo was laying on the blanket on the floor, and Mia (sorry if I spelled it wrong guys!) - kind of just snuck up into the shot and just laid there like this. I LOVE it! I was laughing soooo hard when I saw this on the computer later.
Aw, cute little baby!
Yep. Dakota. Those chocolate labs and their silliness. Apparently he lays like this all of the time cause its hot.
Off to find some Texas landscape! I think we did it!
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