Deep in the heart of Texas 2! Kelly and Family

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - Families
One of Melissa's colleagues, Kelly, was interested in a portrait session as well while we were in San Antonio. Her and Melissa live near each other, about 15-20 minutes north of downtown San Antonio. Kelly had a beautiful house, family, pets, personality - all of it! She was so hospitable while we were there. Kelly's husband James, is a veterinarian, so they have a ton of pets! Dogs, cats, goats - some of them got in on the photo session. Collin (13) and Caroline (9) had some fun with us - Caroline loves her puppy, and Collin is pretty big into basketball, so we got some shots of them doing those things they love.

We were so happy to be able to just fit right in and work with such wonderful people. We could tell that Kelly and James were really passionate about their professions and their family. We could have photographed them all day!

Collin is a teenager now, so he was trying to be too cool for us, but we managed to crack that exterior and get to the meat of him. :)
Collin, giving Caroline the stare down in the dining room. :)
I absolutely love the trees that they have in San Antonio - every single tree is curved and bended in about a zillion different ways. Completely different from trees we have here in PA.
After we got some formal portraits done, it was time for an outfit change and some more casual stuff. Caroline was hanging out in the living room talking to me about what it is like here in PA.
Collin was veggin' too.
This was one of James' favorite photos - aren't they both just so adorable?
Collin practicing some hoops.
Yes, we got ALL of the dogs to look! It really isn't that hard, you just need to have some tricks up your sleeve. Or a Joel on hand. :)
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