"Hey, is that the bad guy?" said Ashton

Monday, May 17, 2010 - Families
So we photographed Tanya, Jeremy, Ashton and Auden in this family session a few weeks back. I try to wear fun t shirts when I do kids sessions, cause it makes them laugh and is just fun! The day Joel and I did this session I was wearing my Super Mario t-shirt that I got in NYC last fall; it has ALL of the Mario characters on it. Ashton was very curious about it, and kept asking me who all of the characters were. His favorite thing to do was to point to Bowser on my shirt and say, "Hey, is that the bad guy?" It was quite comical. As Ashton warmed up to us, he soon abandoned the pointing at the t-shirt to run around and have fun with us. Great way to start the session though!

Tanya had seen our work from a friend, and was really excited to have us out to work with her cute little family. Auden was only a few weeks old, so she wanted some photos of him, and then some of the whole family. She had a large wall spot in her living room that she wanted a big wall canvas of the family. We even got their awesome little doggies in on the session for a few shots. After shooting awhile at the house, we went to a nearby park, walked down the train tracks and ended up at a small creek. Ashton was starting to get a little sleepy and even said he wanted to go home for a nap! :) We ended the session with some dandelion fun, which got a few last smiles out of him and Auden. I think it was a great way to end a session!

Mr. Auden chilling out.
Ashton just loved his new baby brother. He was smothering him with kisses.
Ashton was a riot, as you can see. :)
This is where Ashton was starting to get a wee bit sleepy. He was starting to stick out that lower lip...
Blowing dandelions makes everything better - this was all daddy's idea!
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