Baby & Family Portraits with Krista, Ross, Carson & now Kyra!

Monday, May 3, 2010 - Families
Kyra has the CUTEST little piggy toes! I just wanted to eat that photo up when I saw it during the edit process. In fact, I wanted to eat every one of Kyra's photos up, because she is just soooo darn cute! We love working with our clients over and over again, and we have had the pleasure of working with Krista and Ross for the last couple of years. First with Baby Carson, and then again with the whole family at their beach house, last summer. Krista was pregnant with Kyra during last summer's beach shoot, and now, little Kyra is here! And oh my goodness is she ever cute! She has so many different expressions and I just bust up laughin' while I was looking through all of the photos. She is a tongue-sticker-outer, and I got a bunch with that funny little tongue darting out.

I love the color choices Krista used for their clothing for this session - light blues, yellows and greens - it was a very great springtime palette. We visited them at their home for Kyra's first session with us, which she is about 4 months old. That was how old Carson was when we first photographed him as well. Krista wanted to get it in as soon as she could, cause Kyra is starting to lose all of her pretty hair! Those babies and their hair loss, I swear they need to start a Hair Club for Tots or something. :)

So here's the shots - some inside, some outside, some upside down, some right side up...

I started out playing with Carson for a little while since he is in that fun stage of a 2 year old. They either love ya or are scared of ya at this age, so we started out easy. I always win over the little ones, I call it my mom charm :). Meanwhile, Joel normally scares them away. :) I call him a big ball of 6'6" scary. Just kidding honey! Well in this shot, Carson was liking Joel, in fact he's laughing at Joel being silly.
There's the cutie pie Kyra!
Oh boy, Mr. Octopus makes an appearance! Mr. Octopus was a big prop in the session with Carson 2 years ago, and he continues to be a family favorite.
oooo! Those piggy toes!
Yay Mr. Octopus!
Carson is a very independent little boy! He was showing off his wagon.
We did this same shot with Carson when he was a baby, and since Krista has the same changing pad for Kyra, she wanted a shot with her on it too. I think its so cute!
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