Adria & Alex from NYC to Lancaster! Engagement Session

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - Engagements
Adria and Alex traveled all the way from NYC to Lancaster for their engagement session with us. They decided to make a weekend of it, and stayed in the city at the fabulous, Lancaster ARTS Hotel. They stopped in at First Friday to say Hi to us, then explored the city the rest of the weekend. How fun! We love it when our couples come to check out our great town. Their engagement session was thrown in the mix of their adventures in Lancaster. We started out at the studio chatting for a little while about their wedding, since we had not actually met before that weekend. We all hit it off right away, and proceeded to explore a new area of downtown - we meandered past the convention center and ended up over near Duke Street in some cool alleys we hadn't worked in before...

We called these the "stinky trees" cause they were all in full stinky bloom the weekend these two were in town. The smell was overpowering! Enough to send my spring allergies into overdrive, but they sure made for a great backdrop!
The expressions we were getting out of these guys were brilliant!
Kissy, fishy faces!
Over by the courthouse we danced in the streets...sort of. :)
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