O Where, O Where, Have Teeny Weeny Wieb Portrait Sessions Gone?

Monday, April 19, 2010 - Teeny Weeny Wiebs Sessions
So how cute, are these cutie patooties?? Can I say cute again! Ok, before I get sickenly sweet like sugary frosting, let's talk about what's up with the Teeny Weeny sessions first...

So if you have been following us lately, you may have noticed we haven't been shooting our Teeny Weeny Wiebs sessions on a monthly basis like we were last year. (If you have NO CLUE what a Teeny Weeny Wiebs sessions is, check out this post from our First Teeny Weeny session to get the basic gist.)

Several reasons for that, but the main one is that these sessions are a super ton of work (and we have had a big increase in our workload with our lifestyle portrait sessions and weddings), so we have decided to do them only every 2-3 months. We will still be tying them into First Fridays and taking donations for charities, for the off months (when we don't have Teeny Weeny sessions), we will be showing off our personal work in the gallery for First Friday. Of course we are chock full of ideas for the Teeny Weeny sessions and are really excited to continue doing them. The next day of sessions will be on Wednesday, May 26th, and we will be emailing out the theme towards the end of next week after we get back from Texas. Also, we have some changes to how Teeny Weeny sessions will work, so pay attention to the email newsletter when you get it!

If you aren't on our email Newsletter list - what are you waiting for? Email us to get in the know! (Sorry photographers, we love you, but the email newsletter is for clients or other parties interested in using our photography services.)

Now, on to the sessions we did for Valentine's Day - we did a play on "Love Letters" as you can see. I think all of the kids got a kick out of the ideas, and we loved shooting them!

Layla was determined to find something in our mailbox, and when she didn't she put something in it!
Logan was lovin' life!
Pierce and William really had a blast. William thought he could actually crawl in the mailbox - part of him fit at least!
Charlotte and Ava were SO diva in their Valentine's dresses their mom made for them.
Carson and Brandon were trying their best to keep these letters up high - I think they succeeded.
Pierce was a little shy and held on to that heart for dear life. He warmed up a little bit, and we got some fun shots for mom.
Ok, one of my all-time favorite Teeny Weeny images ever! :) Griffin is the brand new little bundle of one of our couples, Lori and Mike, and boy did he have fun in that mailbox!
Brynn was one of the happiest babies I have seen in a long time - she had a smile on from the moment she walked in the door to the second she left. She screamed and smiled and screamed and smiled... :)
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