Emily & Matt's Hershey, Snow-filled Wedding

Thursday, March 4, 2010 - Weddings
So we were so excited to photograph our last wedding of the year on December 19th. We had so much fun with Emily and Matt at their engagement session earlier in the year, and we knew the wedding would be more of the same. What we didn't expect was...duh da dun dun - SNOW! The first real snowstorm of the season came blazing through PA just in time for their wedding. We arrived at Emily's parent's house that afternoon ready for battle. Armed with our snow boots, gloves, hats and scarves - we weren't to be deterred by a little bit, er, a lot of snow. Emily was a little worried, as she should have been, but we reassured her that everything would be just peachy! Emily's parent's house was just perfect, containing lots of little hidden spots we could photograph in. We had a lot of good opportunities there as you can see below. Over at the Hershey Country Club (where the ceremony and reception were held) we met up with an equally nervous Matt, and tried to ease him and his groomsmen.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, and as the snow continued to fall, we took Emily and Matt out in the snow! Over at the mansion, we froze our butts off for a bit, then decided it was too cold to stay out any longer. We busted in to Emily's parent's empty house (well not really, Emily had the key) - and finished up their couple portraits.

The reception was a perfectly energetic way to end the last wedding of 2009. It was even complete with Emily and Matt's famous - "Brophard-tini"!!

I loved the staircase here at Emily's parent's, although I can't take credit for this shot, Joel's ended up being better than mine. :)
I loved the "Plan B" sign on the getting ready room door.
Beautiful Emily!
Emily's dad was constantly on the cell, as guests kept calling in about the snow.
Loved this balcony! Emily showed it to us as soon as we got there, and the snow had slowed down enough so we could get her and the girls out there.
Emily's grandpa was watching on approvingly!
Yes, lots and lots of snow!
The guys!
Oh the duties you need to do when it snows...
Emily's mom got a little choked up as the ceremony was about to start.
Matt was FREEZING here! But he braved the snow and the cold so we could get some shots with the Hershey Factory in the background.
Isn't this so classic?
I loved Emily's grandpa! He had so much character.
Having some cake troubles, for sure.
Ok, yes, there is a story behind this. Emily's uncle is the inventor of the "Kritter Kam" (sorry if I spelled it wrong!) and works for National Geographic as a videographer. (If I remember correctly...) Anyway, he had some Kritter Kams along and was having some fun with them at the reception.
Sorry Matt, but this is just. Priceless!
A humorous wedding card.
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