Holly, Tom, Ella & Carly - What a cool family!

Thursday, February 4, 2010 - Families
"Oh what fun, it is to photograph....Ella, Carly, Holly & Tom!" Holly saw our work through a friend/family member and contacted us initially to do a session at their beach house in Cape May. As the fall wore on, she decided it was getting a bit cold for that, so we will probably do that session this coming spring. She still wanted some photos to have up in the house for Christmas parties and whatnot, so we did a downtown session instead. Oh the good times! Ella and Carly are the sweetest little...firecrackers! What personality! I loved their super cool silver shoes and their cute little skirts. We just couldn't have had a better time with them. It's so hard to put into words sometimes the fun we have when we are out shooting. This was one of those sessions that just couldn't have been fun-er! Can I say fun some more!

In all seriousness, we were really thrilled with the results and so were Holly and Tom. They did several large displays with the prints/canvases they ordered from this session for their home. Woohoo, Wiebner wall art!