Boo Boo the horse, and Miss Layla

Thursday, January 21, 2010 - Families
We first took some photos of Layla about 2 years ago. Crystal, her mom and John, her dad wanted to get some photos of her this past fall with Boo Boo. So who's Boo Boo? Boo Boo is a beautiful horse that Layla has been riding for over a year. He belongs to Crystal's friend Jen. Well Boo Boo is moving to Michigan soon, so Crystal really wanted to remember the time Layla spent with him.

Crystal and John's house was a perfect setting for some horse photos. They live on a small farm and had a huge barn and lots of fields to tromp through. Layla was playing hard to get at first, and although I know she loves us and Boo Boo, she was having a hard time warming up. No worries, we are super patient, and waited until she was ready. Crystal really wanted a shot of Layla walking Boo Boo on the lead, so she was bargaining with Layla to get her to do it. If you have ever been a parent, and you want your kids to cooperate for anything, you know exactly what I mean. Well Layla was being funny and at one point, Crystal was going to get up on the horse to show Layla that it wasn't scary. Crystal was having some hesitations herself, and Layla, seeing this, said to her (in her most grown up voice),

"Mommy, if your good, I'll buy you a Twilight book." :)

We all thought this was hilarious and Layla laughed and laughed. Hey, if I was a good mommy for riding on a horse, I would want a Twilight book too. :) So we finally coaxed Layla into getting on the horse and got some fun shots. We did a few family photos (Layla now has a little bro Logan!) and enjoyed the late day sun. It was a gorgeous day, gorgeous setting and what a gorgeous family!
We had finally gotten Layla to look and of course, poor little Logan is wailing his head off! Crystal loved the photo anyway, she said that's what he does sometimes!
Yay Layla! Finally holding onto Boo Boo on her own.
I love, love, love this shot of Logan.
Isn't this the bestest shot ever? Yeah, Joel took it. I am definitely not tall enough to shoot between a horse's ears. :)
Crystal with her friends Jen and Catherine, who were the horse wranglers for the day. :)
Time to give Boo Boo a treat!
Isn't this just the most hilarious photo you have ever seen?
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