Tasha, Cole, Cade and the huge Bernese Mtn. Dogs!

Friday, December 18, 2009 - Families
So how fun was this session? Take 2 adorable little boys, a fashionable mom, AND 2 huge Bernese Mountain Dogs, and you end up with one heck of a fun portrait session!! Tasha's mom is an artist that had come in to the studio on a First Friday and fell in love with our work, so she shared it with Tasha. Tasha decided to do a portrait session of her and her boys and their dogs! Tasha has a budding business of her own, with some awesome little products - Tasha's Little Products are adorable and she gave us a pack of her napkin notes as a thank you for the session. Our boys love them and look forward to their "notes" in their lunchbox.

Tasha had asked if we could get some shots of Cole and Cade with the dogs for some notecards that she ordered from us. We willingly obliged and after we had some fun with that, the boys changed and played around with mom. We walked around Lancaster and did some shots at Musser Park near the studio. The coolest was a huge water puddle we found on the way back, which is the last image here at the bottom. We have two shots of this and Tasha got them as canvases for her house! How great is that?
I love this shot, and yes, my lens got a big nose print from this shot. :)
Isn't this the awesomest?!?
Coolest reflection shot ever! Way to go Joel!
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