Teeny Weeny Wiebs #6 - Bedtime Stories

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - Teeny Weeny Wiebs Sessions
Better late than never, but October's Teeny Weeny Wiebs sessions are finally on the blog! I have to say this has been probably my favorite Teeny Weeny session so far - I just love our set, and what's better than kids in their comfy jammies? Our favorite photos from the sessions (shown below) were hung in our gallery/studio here in Lancaster for November's First Friday (November 6th). Our charity for that night (which was suggested by one of our awesome TWW moms, thanks Carrie!) was Project Linus - we raised nearly $400 for this organization! And the winner of our voting was our first image below - Grant! His lucky parents will get to keep the fine art print that is hanging in our studio.

In case you don't know what Teeny Weeny Wiebs are: Each month we will pick one day to do "mini shoots" that are themed. The shoots will last only 15 minutes each and only cost $25 for the session! Joel and I will be coming up with fun new ideas for the themes each month. Some of the sessions will be for kids, some for pets, some for adults - some for all ages! Yes, we are doing this each and every month! As an added twist to our Teeny Weeny sessions - we will be picking our favorite image from each session and displaying them in our gallery on First Friday each month. We will be using the photos to help raise money for a different charity each month. Here's the deal: Come in on First Friday and vote for your favorite Teeny Weeny image. You can vote by placing a monetary donation in a bucket under your favorite print. All of the money we collect in the buckets will go to charity, and the image that collects the most money wins! The client will receive the print for free that collects the most donations.

If you are interested in future Teeny Weeny Wiebs session - please send us an EMAIL to get more info! The spots go quick! We photographed Christmas Teeny Weeny sessions in November, but will not be doing Teeny Weeny sessions in December - we are taking the month off! No worries, they will be back for January. January 27th we will be doing a Valentine's Day theme, so sign up now!

Here's Grant's winning photo, doesn't he look like he is up to trouble?
Here's baby Jonathan! His hair and expression just kill me!
Layla was showing off this Halloween book, I think she was excited for Halloween to get here!
Layla's little bro, Logan, was having some pillow fun.
Miss Samantha fit the theme perfectly - she even looks sleepy! :)
Alayna was a sweetie and looks like she is pointing out all of the stars.
Oh Riley! Riley was determined to get into trouble, look at the concentration on that face! :)
Bronson was a jolly little guy!
Collin and Ryan were into the monsters and dinosaurs - rawr!
This one made the front window :)
Madeleine was a little shy at first, but then mom got her to warm up!
Pierce and William were sportin their bedtime diaper and undies, and were having some fun looking at all of our books.
William is such a cutie! This made the front window too.
This seems the model shot of our theme, Elliott and Landis were like this for the first 2 minutes, we grabbed some shots like this, and then they were monkeys climbing all over!
Abbi was a sweet little baby!
Oh George! George was a bundle of energy all over the studio!
And then there was George's sister Miss Sophia - doesn't she look annoyed with her big brother?
And we know these 3 very well - Sebastian, Oliver and Vivian - they go to school with our boys. They were so fun!
Time for the big kids to play! Karin brought all of her co-workers in and had a big pillow fight. We had feathers EVERYWHERE!
Who can forget Miss Lily? I loved her froggy jammies.
And Lily was getting some serious air in this shot, so she made the front window too. :)
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