Tiana and Fran - July 7th

Monday, July 10, 2006 - Weddings
Tiana and Fran were the start of our marathon weekends for July. We have weddings every Friday and Saturday for the rest of the month, and they kicked it off on Friday! They were married at the Inn at Chester Springs, we were there just last month - and this time we mixed it up a bit! We like to try and find different spots to shoot, even if it is a location we have been to before. We worked a bunch of new areas, and even got them in the pool! (Well a little bit anyway!)

Tiana and Fran had a really fun wedding party, and we got them to do a bunch of stuff for us. Love bridal parties that are willing! Enjoy!

Tiana and Fran have a daugther, Riley, and she was the cutest thing ever! She was such a ham, and would smile and laugh at me every time I pointed the camera at her - and she's not even 1 year old! Anyway, this shot was during the ceremony, they brought her up to give her a family medallion necklace - it was a really priceless moment!
Ah yes! The pool! Tiana and Fran were very cooperative and let us get them wet! Actually I got another shot from the other side of them and I was shooting across the pool - I was laying down on my side and my hair was hanging down in the pool - it got all wet! What we won't do for great shots!
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