Our smallest wedding ever!

Thursday, October 8, 2009 - Weddings
Four people that was it. September 12th, it was just Joel, the officiant and Debbie & Jim. We had a lot of Saturdays open in September, it has been a very strange year for bookings due to the economy, so we ended up with 3 Saturdays open in September. In August, we were contacted by Debbie, to see if one of us would be willing to come out for an hour or two to the Hotel Hershey, for their very intimate wedding ceremony. Since we didn't have any other jobs that day, we worked it all out and off Joel went! I am relying info that Joel shared with me, but he said it was very intimate and emotional. The clouds and rain were trying to put a damper on this event, but fortunately they held off long enough so that it went off without a hitch. Most of Joel's coverage was of the ceremony itself, and then a few portraits of Debbie & Jim after the ceremony. Here's a few of his favorites!