Zane's in Kindergarten!

Sunday, September 6, 2009 - Personal
Sob, cry, sniffle, sniffle. Our baby is in Kindergarten!! This past Tuesday, Zaners went off to Kindergarten (and Haydn started 2nd grade!). I feel so completely and utterly old now. Not that we haven't been looking forward to this day for the last 6 years (with our crazy self-employed photographer schedules, we couldn't WAIT until they were both at the same school, on the same schedule) - but now that it is here, I feel like they are so big and growing up so fast! This past summer was a whirlwhind with opening the new studio, and we didn't get to spend nearly enough time with either one of them. Now school is upon us, and Kindergarten and it's just too much! Joel says I am having a hard time with it. :)

Zane was sooo pumped and ready to go to Kindergarten! It made it real for me when I saw him come out of his bedroom that morning in his uniform. I almost started to cry. He looked so handsome and grown up. And then with those two missing front teeth, he is just so darn cute. He is my little goofball and was making funny faces as we walked to school. Once we got there, he was noticeably nervous, as you can see in the one photo with his arms crossed. I think that was his only moment of weakness. When we returned to pick him up, he was at recess and was having a wonderful time! We were able to go into the classroom and take some photos. He loves it!

Now to make me feel all extra weepy - click HERE to see Haydn's first day of Kindergarten just 2 short years ago! Wahhhh!!

Here are my boys, so handsome and grown up!
Look at those teeth! - Oh and don't forget the ears! :)
Here's my silly boy, always making some goofy face!
The moment of weakness. Not sure what to do or where to go...
Into the classroom they go! Zane leads the pack. He only has 12 kids in his class - only 4 boys! :)
At recess!
This was hanging in the hallway when we went inside - they must have taken it when he was in for testing back in the spring. Look at that long hair!!
Ecstatic! And he made a new friend, Andrew, that sits right next to him!
Here he is with one of his friends, Vivienne. Viv and him have been playing together all year - her older brother Oliver, is in Haydn's class.
Zane and his teacher, Mrs. Lobeck!
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