Danielle and Bryan, 7/1/06

Sunday, July 2, 2006 - Weddings
Danielle and Bryan were married at Leffler Chapel on the campus of Elizabethtown College. We had done their engagement photos last year on the college campus and had so much fun with them both. Usually for correspondence and such, we deal with the bride, but in this case Danielle was out of state at college and we did most of our conversing with Bryan. Danielle is so sweet and Bryan is just a great guy - they are really perfect for each other.

Anyway, the day went beautifully and we got some really great shots! The reception was at the West Shore Country Club (we'll be there again next week!) and it was a great place to shoot at. Hope you guys enjoy Tahoe!

We like fun and different shots, so Joel saw a teenager walking with his fishing poles as we were headed to do portraits with Danielle and Bryan. We asked them if they would like to get some shots, they said sure, so we "borrowed" the fishing poles from the teenager. He was all smiles and laughing the whole time we were using them. It was funny too, cause Danielle knew more about fishing than Bryan! She had to show him how to cast it!
They had an awesome all pink candy garden for guests to enjoy. Here is a cool shot Joel got of the pink lozenges in some sunset light.
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