Sarah and Dave - 4th of July Wedding

Thursday, August 13, 2009 - Weddings
Sarah and Dave were married July 4th! We were really excited to finally get to shoot at the Peter Allen House in Dauphin. Sarah was calm and ready to go when I arrived to photograph her getting in her gown. She introduced me to her sister and her mom, and they were just delightful! There was a great energy in the room and the beautiful setting just made it all come together. Sarah and Dave decided to see each other before the ceremony, just to get rid of some of the nerves of the day, and they were happy they did. The ceremony was light and casual, not many nerves at all! It was beautiful in the outdoor setting.

JDK were the caterers, and we always LOVE working with them. They really know how to put on an event! The spread they put out just for cocktail hour was yummalicious looking! We stole Sarah and Dave away for a few minutes at the beginning of the cocktail hour to photograph them alone. There were so many great sheds, fences and such around the property. We could have spent hours out doing portraits. ;)

The reception was a bang! And the end of it especially with a bit of 4th of July tied in - some sparklers to send Sarah and Dave on their way!
Caught this shot through the gap that Sarah's mom's arm made as she was pinning in Sarah's veil. This is her reflection in the mirror.
First glances....
Ok, somehow this one got out of order - this should be up above the last two, but anyway this was Sarah making the trek across the field to see Dave for the first time.
This baby thought I was very interesting, as he watched me the entire time I was standing there waiting for the ceremony to start!
Beautiful shot down aisle.
Again, out of order (I think we forgot to sync our times on these!) - anyway, this was just before the walk down the aisle.
I loved the flower girl's dress and bow.
Sarah and Dave snuck off after the ceremony for some quiet time before photos and cocktail hour.
I thought this shot was cute - Dave took his ring of so they could look at the inscription.
The owners of the Peter Allen House pulled out the Rolls Royce for Sarah and Dave's exit at the end of the night.
This guy was a cutie. :)
Sorry more out of order! Sarah and Dave kissing in the car at the very end...
...and the sparkler exit right before that!
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