Jen & Dave - An InfraRed Engagement Session

Friday, July 31, 2009 - Engagements
A few weeks back we met up with Jen and Dave to photograph their engagement session - out at Greenfield Industrial Park. These two are getting married in October at the Yorktowne Hotel, which is in downtown York. Since they knew they would have more urban shots from the wedding, they wanted to have their engagement session at a park. We went to an area of the park that we haven't been to before, so we found a lot of great spots. Joel also had an infrared camera along, and played with that a whole bunch. Most of the black and white shots below were taken with that camera. Our good friend, Wes, at Perfect Image Camera Repair here in Lancaster, let us borrow it to try it out. :) We had fun with it.

Luckily we started this session earlier in the day, cause it was HOT! Jen and Dave were hot too, and we got some fun shots mixed in with some steamy romantic shots. Take a look. :)

This first one was with the infrared - we had a lot of great sun and shade spots to work with, which works really well with this type of camera.
This one was with the infrared too, and is pretty surreal looking.
Having some fun on this strange exercise equipment we found.
Another infrared. The images have a very dreamy look to them I think.
This was one of mine - dark and sexy looking. :)
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