Teeny Weeny Wiebs #2 - Let's Eat, Lancaster!

Friday, July 10, 2009 - Teeny Weeny Wiebs Sessions
June's Teeny Weeny Wiebs sessions are finito! Our favorite photos from the sessions (shown below) were displayed this past First Friday (July 3rd) here in Lancaster. If you didn't get a chance to get in to the studio to see the gorgeous prints, no worries! The show will be up until August 5th. So for our June Teeny Weenies, we came up with the theme of a local foods/eating contest. All of the food for the shoots was purchased locally, with the majority being purchased at stands at the great Lancaster Central Market. We then constructed our studio set to be themed around a state fair - we actually covered the entire back of the studio floor in hay! and constructed a red and white striped "Tent" background. It was soo much fun! We were so happy to see a mix of ages for this shoot. We had some kids, some babies and some adults! All enjoyed the food and some got pretty competitive! ;) From the show we had here on First Friday, we raised just under $300 for the Lancaster County Council of Churches community meals program. First Friday showed a great turnout and we are very pleased that we could raise money for the community!

In case you don't know what Teeny Weeny Wiebs are: Each month we will pick one day to do "mini shoots" that are themed. The shoots will last only 15 minutes each and only cost $25 for the session! Joel and I will be coming up with fun new ideas for the themes each month. Some of the sessions will be for kids, some for pets, some for adults - some for all ages! Yes, we are going to try and do this every month! A lot of work, but we are really excited to do some of these fun ideas we have been storing up now that we have a studio to shoot in.

As an added twist to our Teeny Weeny sessions - we will be picking our favorite image from each session and displaying them in our gallery on First Friday each month. We will be using the photos to help raise money for a different charity each month. Here's the deal: Come in on First Friday and vote for your favorite Teeny Weeny image. You can vote by placing a monetary donation in a bucket under your favorite print. All of the money we collect in the buckets will go to charity, and the image that collects the most money wins! The client will receive the print for free that collects the most donations.

If you are interested in future Teeny Weeny Wiebs session - please send us an EMAIL to get more info! The spots go quick! We still have several spots available for July's sessions - which will be Pets! The sessions will take place on July 22nd.

Well now that all of the logistics are done - here are the photos! Our winner of the July First Friday voting contest was our first image here below, of Satchel and his dad Gary! Congratulations! After we take this show down at the end of the month, they will receive the print for free ($150 value)! Satchel and Gary were our first to go all out on the eating contest theme and they really enjoyed themselves. Satchel laughed during the entire thing. :)
You probably remember Lily, we have been photographing her since she was born. We were so excited to see her get in on the Teeny Weeny Wiebs (she'll be back with her goldfish next month for the pets shoot too!) She was tearing into this whoopie pie from Wendy Jo's Homemade.
Samuel!! Here is Samuel going to town on some fresh blueberries from market. His dad is a good friend of ours, and he plopped him down, gave him the blueberries and that was it! He was putty in our hands. His mom picked out a great outfit to go with the theme too. :)
Here's Gracyn! Gracyn was one of our more exuberant eaters and really, really liked making a mess with the babyfood her mom brought for her. (Which she made herself!) Carrots and peas, who could want more?
The next two photos are of Henry, Will and Jack - these guys are all brothers and sons of the super talented Leah Margerum of This Little Piggy (which is organic baby food) and Your Dinner Belle, which is a new catering company she is starting. Leah actually brought a huge spread of food to the First Friday event to put out for our guests. And let me tell you, it was beyond delicious. I am going to make a separate post about that coming up! Anyway, Leah brought some fresh veggies along for the boys, and I have never seen boys love veggies so much! These guys were chomping on raw asparagus, carrots and beets! It was awesome!
Riley, Riley, Riley. He was one of our more challenging little guys, but we worked at him until he cracked and gave in. Being two years old, one of his new words is "No!". :) But as you can see, he liked the whoopie pie in the end. :)
Colin was really not into wanting to eat ANYTHING. Which was ok, cause he really liked Joel! :) Joel was his buddy and even though we didn't get Colin to actually put any food in his mouth, we got this cute series of shots. He kept inching further and further away from the fruit. It was so funny! The only way we got him to pick up the plate was because Joel asked him to smell the fruit to make sure it smelled ok. ;)
Livia and Emma were really happy with their food choices. Livia tore into the watermelon - she had been wanting some that week and her daddy had eaten all of the watermelon they had at home! Emma just really liked cookies. :)
Mary Kate was having WAY too much fun with this ice cream cone from the TO DIE FOR Carmen & David's Creamery here in Lancaster.
Yulee wasn't so sure about the strawberries, but I grabbed this really funny shot of a whole strawberry sticking out of her mouth!
Another Zane! Zane is the son of Erika & Mahmood, one of our couples who were married in 2007. Since Zane was a little young for actually eating the food, we just got a shot of him next to a big juicy watermelon. He was having fun with the hay too.
Caroline had just woken up from her nap when she arrived, so it took a few minutes to get her going, but once we put this strawberry ice cream cone in front of her - there was no stopping her!
I have to admit, Gwen was one of our most enthusiastic eaters. She went to town on a blueberry pie from Wendy Jo's, and boy did she have fun! You can see she was really into it. :)
Some of our last fun people of the day - Dustin and Cyndy were in an all out battle to eat their watermelon the fastest. There was elbowing, shoving, napkin ripping - it was war! :) Luckily these two are married and I am sure they forgave each other later. And you can see, they ended the little feud with a kiss.
And our most tricky surprise for last! Becca had been helping us out all day with the sessions, and we convinced her and Brock to get their photos taken with some shoe-fly pies at the end of the day. What Brock didn't know, was that Becca and I plotted and came up with a plan to have Becca get a bit of pie on Brock. :) He had no idea it was coming. :)
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