Trish and Kurt - A Grand Party at the Yorktowne

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 - Weddings
Trish and Kurt were married May 30th in York County. Some event details to start:

Ceremony: Bethlehem UM Church, Codorus, PA
Reception: Yorktowne Hotel, York, PA
Florist:Karen Grove
Bakery:Providence Bakery, York, PA
Band:Renaissance Orchestra
Stylist & Coordinator:Michael Alan

Trish was so absolutely excited for us to be there! I love it when our couples love us. :) We love them too. After we arrived at her parent's house and photographed the girls preparing for the day, it was off to the church for the ceremony. We stopped on the way to the Yorktowne at the "town square" in Jefferson, PA - which was very quaint, for some wedding party shots. The excitement was building as we arrived at the Yorktowne and spent some time with Kurt and Trish. We ended up in the ballroom at the end of their portrait time, and it looked gorgeous! We haven't been to the Yorktowne for a few years, and they changed things around a bit. There is so much light in there now! We were excited for the reception to start. Trish had a lot of snazzy details at the reception - I totally loved her cake!

The reception was a party to remember, with the dance floor packed all night. Just the way we like it. ;)

The girls were all helping Trish in her dress, there were so many hands helping, it was quite comical!
Outside, the girls were all laughing at Joel. He's quite funny sometimes.
We found this corner in Trish' parent's house and worked the window light. It was soft and clean.
And Trish on the sofa, looking most elegant.
When we arrived at the church, the groomsmen were having some flower issues. :)
Starting to get emotional...
In Jefferson the wind was having its way with Trish' veil. Everyone was very helpful though in making it go where it was supposed to.
At the Yorktowne, the wind was STILL having some fun with Trish.
The hotel is very historic, and I was digging this area at the bottom of a staircase.
This one is gorgeous and sexy. Fit the feel of the hotel. Joel rocked this one. Give him a pat on the back next time ya see him. :)
Do u see those windows in that ballroom? The light was just intense.
Really loved this cake.
Everyone's ready for Trish and Kurt to get on in!
Yes! A dip TOWARDS the photographer! Worked out perfectly. Kudos Kurt, on your dipping skills!
Kurt was caught off guard by some of Trish' dance moves.
Guests enjoying some down town while the meals are prepared.
Kurt's nephew was so cute. He was all over the place and we just couldn't help ourselves...
...we had to take lots of photos of him. :)
Yeah not sure what is going on here, but it was funny when it happened and they all laughed afterwards, so what the heck, I'm going with it.
I really enjoy this shot of Trish' parent's cutting loose on the dance floor. Its so fun.
The end of the night! Thanks guys for being so fun!
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