Erica and Tom's Big Day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 - Weddings
May 23rd we met up again with Erica and Tom for their wedding at Normandy Farms in Blue Bell, PA. We have worked with Erica's "group" of friends multiple times before, and it was like a family reunion! Two of our past brides were in attendance at the wedding. It was so much fun knowing so many people!

Erica's dress was really gorgeous, I just loved it. We had some good times taking portraits of her in the cottage where she prepared for the day. Luckily the rain held off so that we could get some outside portraits of her and the girls, and then Tom and the guys before the ceremony. The weather continued in our favor for the ceremony, which was a blessing, as it was outside. It proved to be a memorable ceremony, as the bridesmaids processed down the aisle, tears erupted as Tom's sister came in to view. Both her and Tom started the waterworks as she took her place next to the other bridesmaids. Tom's tears continued as Erica came in to view. We don't often see grooms that are so emotional, and thus, I was fighting tears back as well!

As we squeezed in a few quick portraits, we were all excited to get to the reception! Since Erica is pretty short, she had super high heels on and her feet were a hurtin! She needed a break before the reception. Her and Tom ran off to have some down time before the reception got into full gear. Dancing was rocking at the reception - a great band helps that along! - and it continued to the very end of the night! What a great day!
Its funny cause we were all joking about this painting in the background and how there are always these unattractive paintings in hotel rooms. :) I made it work for this shot.
In the bathroom...
Tom was a little stressed before the ceremony! A massage was all he needed.
Tom's tears starting as his sister came into view.
Erica's colors and flowers were really beautiful.
The house was packed!
Snapping that first shot of the married couple!
This is making me hungry.
Getting the party started!
I love this intimate shot of their first dance.
This was a lucky grab. She was so excited!
Enjoying some speeches.
This guest has the MOVES!! She was all over the dance floor all night long!
Nobody wanted this really.
Now he looks like he wanted this.
Tom grooving with one of the band singers.
Showing off the ring!
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