It's Official! New Studio Photos!

Friday, June 12, 2009 - News
It's here! It's here! The brand spankin new studio is 95% complete! (Just a few little things to get done yet.) We wanted to share some images that we took last Friday at the Grand Opening, when it was all clean and sparkly looking. And to make it better, we just got our store sign hung today! Yay! Take a gander at the Wiebnerific new studio. If you couldn't make it out to the opening last Friday - come on over! We will be open starting this coming Monday - Mon-Fri from 10-5pm. Drop in and say Hi! We would love to see you!

Some special thank yous:

1. Joel's mom, Holly - For watching our boys endless hours while we worked 3 weeks straight on this place. And for making food for our opening and helping with various projects. We appreciate it so much!

2. Kingston - Ya know we love you - thanks for dropping in and helping out when you could. We miss you!

3. And one very special shout out - to our very good friends Brock and Becca - thank you SO much! Brock and Becca helped us out many nights while we slaved away at making this place look beautiful. We will always appreciate the effort - you are the best!

So we totally have to give some love out in this first shot here - this wall hanging is a tryptic that covers a 6'x9' area. It's GINORMOUS! We really wanted something striking for the entryway area - and our good pals at Simply Canvas worked with us to create this. Its not a canvas, but a pretty nifty new material that they are just starting to work with (I think we are one of the first to get it! eek!) - AND it looks AMAZING! We couldn't be happier with it! Thanks so much to Adam and Drew who helped us make this become a reality!
After you walk in the door, hop on down the lilypads through our gallery showcase. We will be changing the show every month, and unveliing the new show at Lancaster's First Friday event each month. This is where we will be showing off our newest type of portrait session - the "Teeny Weeny Wiebs" which will be themed portraits we do each month. The first month's show was a huge hit - (blog post to come next!) and next month we will be doing a them for all ages, young and old - a Local Foods Eating Contest! Can't wait for that one!
Past the gallery hall, you can see some of our current portrait and wedding work, as well as enjoy our sitting area for clients and see some fun stuff on the big screen tv.
Our kids area, which isn't fully complete - we have a REAL treasure chest for the kids and a secret hideaway for all of our guests and clients kids to hang out in while they are here!
We finally polished off the old camera collection (they have been in storage for years!) and put them out on display. I have been dying to do this for so long, I am glad we have some great window display shelves that we can put them on!
Past the client sitting area, take a jump up the steps and you will find our studio. This is the area at the top of the steps for clients to relax in as their kids get photographed or to wait for their session to start.
And our studio shooting space at the other end!
A nifty divider we put together to separate our working office from the public area downstairs.
Some fanciness downstairs. :)
And just today - our sign getting installed!
Here it is, handcarved by local artist and sign extraordinaire, Ted Gerhart. Thanks Ted, it looks amazing! We couldn't be happier.
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