Shannon and Bill's Wedding in Delaware

Sunday, June 7, 2009 - Weddings
Ok! So now that we are SUPER far behind on blogging (the last 3 weeks have been insane with moving the studio!) - it's time to catch up! First off we have Shannon and Bill's totally superb wedding that we photographed on May 9th. You may remember their super sweet engagement session we did a couple months back. That was just a brief tease of the awesomeness that was in store for their wedding. These two are an absolute riot and we barely stopped laughing all day. These guys had a smaller wedding party - with just their siblings and Shannon's children in the party - but boy were they ever welcoming! They made us feel like part of the crew, and Shannon's sis Blair was a total trip! Her and Shannon had me bustin' up laughing the whole time we were hanging for the beginning of the day. Shannon and Bill wanted to wait until after the ceremony to do portraits, so the whole time before the ceremony was spent just hanging out and capturing what they all were doing at the house. It was super laid back! I love the house these two live in, it was so full of light and their master bedroom was perfect for getting ready. The detail in Shannon's dress blew me away, I just loved the train on it! It was easy squeezy to get a great shot of the dress in that room!

The ceremony/reception was held at Rockwood Visitor Center, which we have photographed at before. The weather was super perfect, although the pollen was killer! I think I have some allergies developing cause after the ceremony, we traipsed out into the higher grass with the wedding party and I could barely breathe! I did my best and kept my mouth shut as much as possible while we were hanging out with Shannon and Bill taking photos. I let Joel do most of the talking :) Luckily, we went over to the Mansion that is right next to the Visitor's Center, and they had some of the glass doors open that go into like a greenhouse part of the mansion. We snuck in there for a few shots and they turned out sahweet!

The reception was nothing less than fun, with tons of dancing and partying. Shannon's mom and dad added a fun little touch to the reception. When they were introduced into the room, they came in wearing Bill and Shannon masks! They had enlarged photos of Bill and Shannon's faces and printed them out large, cut out the faces and put them on like tongue depressors. They were wearing them when they walked in! How fun! I have a photo later of Shannon's son wearing one of them.

The speeches during the reception were the best - and Bill's older bros did a bang up job. But my favorite was when Bill got up to thank everyone and pulled a few tricks out. First he surprised Shannon with their honeymoon (he hadn't told her where they were going up until that point) - a trip to Hawaii! Then, he told everyone about the bet he had made with his sister in law when he was younger. Since Bill is the "baby" of the family - he had bet her $100 that he would be married by the time he was 40, and she said he wouldn't. Well he lost the bet, only by a few weeks. He turned 40 just several weeks before the wedding. So to be funny, he paid up to his sis in law - the $100 - all in PENNIES!! He carried a huge sack of pennies over to the table and plunked them down for her. Everyone was roaring with laughter. It was the best! And of course, last but not least, Bill's mom's birthday was the same day as the wedding, so he wanted everyone to sing Happy Birthday to her. But first, they started out singing their special family way of Happy Birthday. It was terrible! :) But that's how they do it - everyone sang off key and at different times. Oh my, it was something (not) to be heard! :)

The rest of the night was spectac. and we even had Bill do a little mini photo shoot with Shannon - you'll see this below! :)

What a fabulous day! We love you guys and are so excited for you both!
I just loved these details in Shannon's dress.
And a rad shoe shot.
Shannon seeing her little girl all dressed up in her wedding clothes!
Some serious pool playing in the basement with the guys. (Oh yeah - Shannon and Bill both got ready at their house! Girls upstairs, guys downstairs!)
I love this shot and the next one together. Would make a cool album spread. :)
Shannon was soooo bee-u-ti-ful!
A section of tree wood to hold the rings on! How cool!
Some final adjustments for everyone.
Blair showing off her muscles. :)
Totally love this shot of the officiant that I snagged.
Girls frolicking - yeah!
Bill's an architect, and he really loved this stuff we were doing at the mansion - this one's for you Bill! :)
Told ya the speeches were good...
Shannon's son cut in while she was dancing with her dad! It was so cute!
Brotherly love.
Shannon got a little carried away with the cake cutting. ;)
Shannon's mini photo shoot with Bill - got some pretty ridiculously awesome shots from this. This one is my favorite.
Shannon's bro still going strong with the drinks! Man he was thirsty! ;)
Ah the pennies. I forgot to mention that Bill didn't put ALL of the $100 worth of pennies in his little sack. It was too heavy! So he gave his sis in law the rest boxed up.
The Bill mask! Yes!
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