Brittaney and Scott - The River, A Shack, and some Limestone

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 - Engagements
Well after one rained out weekend in April, we were able to reschedule Brittaney and Scott's engagement session for May 2nd and actually had some decent weather! We were a little worried, as it was raining for us on the drive from Lancaster to Wrightsville for the shoot, but it cleared up before we arrived at Brittaney's mom's house and we were good to go! Brittaney's mom has a pretty sweet view from her house - she lives right on the Susquehanna River. I had forgotten how much I love shooting right next to the river until we started fooling around with these two. It was super muddy from all of the rain that week, but Brittaney and Scott risked getting their shoes muddy (which they did) to get some fun shots.

The river wasn't the only thing Brittaney had in store for us. Since her and Scott live up in Connecticut, she had her mom scout out some other "cool and grimy" locations for us. :) Yay, some fun places for the Wiebners to play! We stopped at an abandoned roadside farm stand, and then went into the town of Wrightsville to an old Limestone Kiln. They were all fantastic locations! We really can't wait to shoot this wedding in August - these two are a hoot!

Down by the riverside, we found some overgrown "stuff" to mess around in.
And this log proved to be an icebreaker. After I got this shot, we had Scott stand up behind Brittaney on the log...
...and they BOTH almost fell off into the thick yucky mud!! It did make for some good laughs, and of course, we just kept shooting away. :)
This is one of my favorite shots of Brittaney - taken right on the river.
AND one of my other faves - this shot rocks socks.
Scott was having some fun under the tree. :)
AND another rocks socks shot. This landscape shot is awhhhsome!
At the farm stand...
...making some faces through an empty window. Ya know, just hanging out, nothing to do.
At the limestone kilns, Scott played into Joel's diabolical scheme to catch them unaware.
A more posed shot by me, but still cute. :)
And yeah, they were grossed out here cause there was icky white stuff coming off of the bricks on their heads! Great way to end a shoot! :)
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