Lindsey and Aaron - Punta Cana!

Friday, June 23, 2006 - Weddings
So we spent June 20th-22nd in beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic photographing Lindsey and Aaron's wedding.

We arrived in Punta Cana late Tuesday afternoon, spent nearly an hour driving in a van from the airport to the resort. What an eye-opening experience. Just to see how people live down there is something to behold. From a journalistic standpoint it was amazing, Joel and I both saw images through the windows everywhere we looked.

Tuesday evening wasn't too exciting, we waited an hour and a half to get our luggage brought to our room, then headed to dinner. Having only slept a few hours the night before, we hit the sack early.

Wednesday was the wedding and it was a beautiful day even though it rained. Of course they barely ever get rain, and it rained and thunderstormed every day we were there in the afternoon and evening. The mornings were fine, but around 4 pm each day it would start to pour. We didn't have any blue skies while we were there photographing, but still managed to make some great images.

Lindsey and Aaron were married at Secrets Excellence resort, and it was just beautiful! The ceremony was supposed to be outside under this beautiful gazebo, but due to the rain, it was moved to a terrace that was covered. The resort coordinator still made it look great, with rose petals lining the aisle, as well as torches. Only 6 guests attended; Lindsey and Aaron's parents and then 2 friends of Lindsey's parents. Small but intimate, we all had dinner together in the French restaurant at the resort. We had some great food and conversation, then did a few shots of them with the lighted fountains.

Thursday we awoke early - 5 AM, and did an early morning day after shoot with them dressed up in their wedding attire. Since we couldn't get on the beach the day before due to the rain, this was a perfect opportunity. We got a bunch of great shots, said our goodbyes and headed back to good old PA!