Elena - Playground and cookies. What could be better?

Saturday, April 25, 2009 - Babies & Kids
Oh Elena is getting so big! Last week Amy brought her down to Lancaster for some fun downtown. This is her 4th session for her Year in the Life package she is doing with us. She is so funny now! She's walking around and babbling away like a big girl. I was so impressed with all of the words she was saying - she wasn't talking at all last time we saw her!

Amy left the shoot up to us, so we headed over to a park we have never shot at before, and did some bubble blowing and playground playing. That was just a warm up for the - dun da dun dah! - cookie eating that went on at the end of the shoot. Amy thought it would be cute to go to a cafe and get Elena a cookie (or two) - so we popped into Square One Coffee for a cookie break. We were getting some utterly hilarious shots of Elena, and she was almost finished eating her cookie, when she dropped her last big piece on the floor! The lip started quivering and it was mommy to the rescue! Elena managed to get another cookie out of the deal ;)

We had so much fun and it was great to get out in the nice spring weather! Looking forward to Elena's last shoot this summer!

Such a big girl, holding mommy's hand and walking with her flower.
I love this shot of her and the lonely bubble!
Look at that big girl!
I was so lucky to be in the right spot for this shot!
I think...I can....see....the cookie....
Yes, satisfaction. Cookie!!!
Here's where it gets utterly adorable. Look at the faces coming up...
This is one of my faves!!
We finished the 2nd cookie outside.
And she tried giving the rest of it to Joel!
Heading home - bye bye Elena!
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