Maddie, Mitch and Mason + Joel the Jungle Gym!

Friday, April 10, 2009 - Babies & Kids
Yeah, it's true. I was more of a climbing wall to these three than I was a photographer. It's cool though, because usually it's Rita who has all the fun at kiddo shoots. As you can imagine, most kids run in terror at the mere sight of me. I sometimes feel like the Govenator in Kindergarten Cop when he first meets the kids. Why don't I have that power with my own boys? hmmmm. Anyway, I'm way off topic here.

Maddie, Mitch and Mason were so much fun to hang with, and we go to see just about every favorite toy they owned. A little bed jumping, a little couch wrestling, some running and screaming It was a good time had by all. I think the best shots are found when the kids open up and be themselves. These little ones did that for us which made this shoot a total breeze. Julie (aka Mom) explained to us that they just moved here from Washington state, and they are living in an apartment while their house is finished. She was a little worried about not having a whole lot of room, but we assured her it was no big deal. Where there are happy kid faces there are good pictures to be had, and these three were definitely happy kids.
Ah, Prince Charming and dancing ponies. I guess you know why Maddie is smiling :)
I hope Mitch doesn't hold this one against me when he gets older. He's just giving a tour, it's not like he's playing with it!
Nice arm Mason!
Sidney is one of those dogs that seems to always be there even when you don't realize it.
A very cute shot of Maddie looking over her glasses. Love this one.
Here is one of the few times we were able to get the three of them together for a shot. This would be perfect if only pooh bear wouldn't have hid his eyes!
Yeah, that's how I felt after the shoot too :)
Super Mason!
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