Snow, Drizzle, Clouds and Sun! Erica and Tom had it all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 - Engagements
Erica and Tom are getting married in May - and we have been trying to get this engagement session going for months! First our schedules weren't meshing, then when we did have something scheduled for back in January we had to cancel it! Their session was scheduled for the Sunday morning that Angus, our older puppy, totally went lame in both legs, and we had to rush him to the pet ER. He is better now, and we rescheduled Erica and Tom's session for the end of February.

So of course, the day of the session - it starts to snow! It was snowing pretty good, and luckily when they arrived for the session it had almost stopped. But we had a light mix of snow and drizzle as we started the shoot! It didn't deter us and we kept forging ahead and by the end of the session the sun was out and shining! What a morning.

Erica had the biggest green eyes ever, they were so cool and fun to capture. We totally tried not to get Erica's pretty white coat filthy (it was a challenge for us, but we succeeded!) - we had her sitting down and against some dirty buildings, but she came out of it just fine! Tom was sportin' some cool kicks, and we just had to get those in a shot or two.

With the weather being what it was, we zipped around alleys pretty quick, and still had a blast - as always! Looking forward to this wedding in a few months!