The Birth of Finlee

Monday, February 23, 2009 - Babies & Kids
Feb 3rd The Wiebners experienced something new. We photographed the birth of baby Finlee. Finlee's parents, Jonathan and Sarah, are also photographers here in the area, and friends of ours. Months ago when they found out they were pregnant, they asked us if we would be "on call" to photograph the birth. Having never done something like this before, we hesitated for a second, and then of course jumped in with all of our feet and said, "Heck, yes!" Luckily Sarah's due date was February 17th, which for us at this time of the year, we don't have much booked, so we were pretty free to go whenever we got the call from them. Finlee arrived 2 weeks early!

Finlee Harper McBride arrived on Feb. 3rd weighing in at 6 lbs. 15oz. She is such a cutie and Joel and I were so honored to be there.

I could write tons and tons about the whole experience, but Joel and I wanted to do something special instead. Below is a slideshow of our favorite 50 images from the experience - that part of the slideshow is at the beginning and lasts about 3 minutes. If you want to hang out, and have about 20 minutes to kill, after the images we actually go through the whole experience doing a "commentary" telling our story and talking about each of the images. We wanted to do this as a special gift to Jonathan and Sarah, so they know what we saw and how we viewed the entire day. We also thought it might help some photographers out there that have maybe never done this, were scared to try or didn't know what to expect! We hope you enjoy it, and below the slideshow you will find our favorite images from the day. What a wonderful, life changing experience!