Free Chair, Free Chair, with a Brock & Becca on it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 - Brock and Becca

This is not the first time Brock and Becca have been on our blog and in front of our cameras. Nor the second or the third, nope this is the fourth time we have photographed this cool duo. We have such a great time shooting Brock and Becca that we can hardly wait until the next time we'll go exploring some cool location. This location is one of our faves. In fact so much a fave that we live here. Yup, we walked around downtown Lancaster and found some cool holiday card type images. You see, they do this cool little Christmas card each year that has a run down of what they did since the last Christmas card. It's a neat idea, and I think one that everyone should do.

So here's what we found. Some of these places may be familiar to the locals, but to the non-locals look at what you are missing. Lancaster is a cool little city with great character and fun little nooks to stick people in for pics.

Nice mittens Becca! Love the colors, and I think her Mom made them! How cool. If she doesn't already, she should have an Etsy shop :)

I luve the color on this wall. Really, I wish I could replicate in our house somewhere.

A couple of squatters on a dock.

Right this way, no topping or tanding.

We found a chair, and it was free, and I am glad that I am not the one who had to sit in it :) Free furniture gives me the heebs, but makes for a cool pic.

See, free :) I like the floral pattern on the butt catcher.

This is after we put it back where we found it. Mauve, blech :P

Ho, Ho, Ho-boy... we're a little late with this shot. Christmas is over.

Rub a dub dub, some shrubs in a tub!

To think this was lit with a yucky yellow flood light in front of a garage.

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