2 Parents, 2 Kids...and 4 Pomeranians?

Friday, December 5, 2008 - Families
Woooeee! This was a fun one. Jen, Bob, Carson, Mason and the 4 poochies really kept us on our toes! What exciting shoots. Jen called and arranged for a family shoot, since it's been awhile since they have had some shots taken. She works with Becca - you know Becca, of the fabulous Brock and Becca that we photograph all the time! (We actually just did another shoot with them, they will be next up on the blog!) So Jen scheduled a session after talking with Becca about us. We actually ended up doing two shoots with these guys as we had some unforeseen circumstances arrive during the first shoot and were unable to finish it. For our first session, we met this family behind the Manheim High School, where there were some cool rocks, bridges and other fun stuff for boys and dogs to play on. :) We decided to try a different location for the 2nd one, something in Lancaster, and were going to go to the County Park in one of our usual spots, but on the way there, saw something more interesting and veered off course to the Buchmiller park which is across from County Park. The light and trees were pretty rad there, and we even found a patch of snow for them all to play in! Carson was a ham, and Mason, your typical teenager. :)

The poochies were super funny - 4 rescued pomeranians. Kudos to Jen and Bob for rescuing these precious pups!! I actually just found out from Becca today, that poor little Chewy, the little black pup, just had some major surgery! The poor guy had been a stud dog at a kennel before he came to live with these guys. Apparently the kennel owners didn't take very good care of him, and his mouth and jaw were a mess- the little guy needed surgery. That makes me so upset. I am so glad he has a good home now with this wonderful family! Thanks so much guys for the good times!

Here is Jen and the princess, Dolly.
Poor little Chewy. He is such a handsome guy.
I don't think Carson wanted a kiss from mom. :)
Ooh yeah, yummy light here we come...
And there's that snow we found!
I loved this tree. And if you guys know anything about me, you know I love dead trees. :)
Actually, Joel got this dead tree shot. See, it isn't only me.
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