Crisha and Her Mom

Thursday, December 4, 2008 - "Just Because" Portraits
We photographed Crisha's wedding last summer - she was our 7/7/07 bride :) and when she saw we were having a portrait sale, she thought it would be fun to get some photos taken with her mom. So I asked her what they like to do together and we kicked a couple of things around - she had originally wanted to go to a flea market or farmer's market, but there weren't any open on the day we were scheduled to do the session. Soooo, we went with the next best thing, which was walking around downtown Lititz looking in all of the shop windows! It was SUPER cold that day and we were all huddling together to try to stay warm. After their session was over, Joel and I couldn't feel our fingers anymore, so we went to the awesomely yummy - Cafe Chocolate in Lititz. They serve AHMAZING hot chocolate - we had ours with toasted marshmallow syrup in it! so, so good. They serve all organic natural food - it's the best!
I told you we were was like the frickin Arctic out there!
Yeah we are big dorks, but I couldn't help it, these guys were too funny.
At the end of the shoot, we found a really awesome pile of leaves to play in...
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