Scarlett and Bella are Back - with Family!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 - Families
Ok, so AGAIN, I am a bad, bad blogger. All of these Christmas orders have had us crazy! We still have like a bazillion things to get up here, so I am trying my best this week to try and get somewhat caught up. I have a ton of portrait sessions to blog, and I feel like you all haven't seen the kids in forever! I promise to try and get some of them up this week too - oh and the new pupper!

So you probably remember the two little darlings from this session - Bella and Scarlett, from the session we did with them earlier this year. Their mom Kim decided to give her father in law a gift for his birthday of a family portrait session. So we headed up to the Mechanicsburg area to photograph the whole crew at their house. Everyone was decked out in great fall colors and we took some group shots and then enjoyed a champage (and grape juice for the kids!) toast at the end! How fun!