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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - Weddings
Well it's official, Jess and Andrew's wedding on Nov. 8th was our 2nd to last wedding of the year. We have one more coming up at the end of December. I feel like it's been forever since I have blogged a wedding - with all of the portrait sessions we have been doing!

We were really looking forward to working with Jess again - we photographed her brother's wedding four years ago. Her brother Jason, and wife Dara, now have a beautiful little baby girl, Ava - you will see her in some photos below! How stinkin' cute!

For this wedding, we headed up the valley - the valley being our hometown stomping grounds, northeast of Harrisburg. Jess and Andrew were married at Jess' family's church in Valley View, PA and the reception was held at Kevin's Place in Lykens, PA. Brings back memories! Going up home is always an eye opener, as I see so many things from my childhood and teenage years that just come flooding back. Although Jess and Andrew now live down near Philadelphia, all of their friends and family came together for this wonderful day in the valley! Andrew was a little nervous at having his photo taken by us in the beginning, but at the end of the day he said it was a piece of cake! And we got some totally rockin portraits of the two of them that I particularly love. After the ceremony at the church, we headed over to a property that Jess' church pastor owns, and had some great times. The property had an old mill on it, and several different old, falling down sheds and buildings. Perfect for us! We love that kind of thing.

There are so many awesome pics, let's take a look!

Check out these kickin' shoes! :)
There's Dara with baby Ava, and the flower girl.
Jess was just stunning - totally.
Yep, inside the church gym...
...same window different angle - I love this whole series we took.
Jess had so many amazing details in her dress and accessories, we had to photograph them all!
We kind of borrowed this house across the street from the church for some of Andrew's portraits.
And I love this shot in the church.
Over at the mill, what fun stuff...
One of my faves of the day for sure.
Oh yeah, Joel was climbing down in the basement area of this falling down building to get this shot. You should have seen him getting in and out of here!
Another personal fave. Just love it.
Lots of fun and dancing at the reception!
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