Jayanne and Dan - The 5 Year Anniversary Session

Friday, November 14, 2008 - "Just Because" Portraits
So we photographed Jayanne a few years ago with her dog Cooper, as a surprise for Dan for Christmas. This time, Jayanne wanted some shots of her and Dan for their 5 year anniversary coming up next month. So we met them on the campus of Lebanon Valley College, where they were engaged and also where Jayanne works now. What a blast! We were there for the shoot on a Sunday and it was practically abandoned, so we really enjoyed running all over campus for some fun shots. We ventured into the alleys next to campus and found some great textures on some of the garages and things in the area. We ended up back in the Peace Garden where Dan had proposed to Jayanne. They told us the story about their engagement and how all of the students were hanging out of the windows cheering at them when it happened. How cute!