Lind Family - Down on the Farm

Thursday, November 13, 2008 - Families
So David and his sister Jessica contacted us to do some portraits of their family. Jessica lives in the area, so they thought they would do something local. Everyone trucked in from Jersey for the shoot - and their mom and dad were really into doing the session on a farm. No problem! It's something we have a lot of around here! So we poked our noses around a bit, and a friend of ours found the perfect one to use! Off to the farm we all went! David was just recently married to his wife Christina, and Jessica had her fiance Mike along. Jessica and David also had a younger brother Brian. He's the youngest so he was getting picked on during the shoot. ;) It was all in good fun though!

We really enjoyed working with this family to create some great images for their walls. It was a great day and great weather! And what could beat such an attractive looking family? Thanks guys for all of the fun!