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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - Engagements
The other week we met up with Megan and Jonathan at Landis Valley Museum - which we were very eager to do. Their wedding will be our last of the year, at the end of December, and we were super stoked that they could make it home from Chicago for an engagement session with us. It's one of our favorite things to photograph! Couples in love! AND, we got to shoot at Landis Valley, which we have never been to before. I never knew it was so ginormous! There were so many cool buildings, textures, stonework, fences, etc, etc, etc, for us to play with! It made for a really excellent session - check it out!
By far, my fave shot from the day. And it was only like the 2nd shot I took that day - how awesome is that!
The light was really something else, we were all basking in the warm glow!
Mr. Pumpkin Face - my playful nature came out for this shot when I set Megan and Jonathan up for this shot - they had no idea it was coming.
Yes, they are in this photo somewhere, just look VERY closely. :)
These two were a total barrel of laughs - we can't wait for the wedding!
We were all getting a little carried away on the buggy...
...and then Megan found this!
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