The Route 422 Trip with Jillian and Ryan

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 - Weddings
Jillian and Ryan are care-free. They like to have fun and aren't afraid to be themselves. They are a lot like us in that respect. We truly enjoyed working with these two special people over the last couple of years. Jillian and Ryan booked us about 2 years ago for their October 18th wedding. We had a blast with them at their engagement session, and knew the wedding would be more of the same.

These two are BOTH only children - so they have a really special relationship with their parents. It was cool to watch their family dynamics, as most of our clients are usually a part of big families and have multiple siblings. Jillian requested that they have lots of photos with their parents, but even if she hadn't made this request, we wouldn't have been able to NOT take lots of photos of them! It was just really cool to see that closeness.

The day was a little bitter and coldish, but that didn't keep any of us from doing what we wanted to outside. Jillian was brave and daring for us - we did some portraits of her standing on top of the wall next to the cemetery at Derry Presbyterian where they were married. This was our first time at the church, it is a really historic part of Hershey, PA, and it was really awesome to work with. We just love old "stuff" - the brick and the textures - they just have so much character. Ryan, not to be outdone, was also up on the wall and then we ventured down near the Hershey Chocolate Factory for a little bit with him. We also returned there after the ceremony to do some interesting stuff with the wedding party and them.

The time after the ceremony was a photographer's dream, as Jillian and Ryan said that they didn't care where we went or what we did - they just wanted some really cool photos! Well we can certainly help with that! When we met with them for their final meeting, we talked about a bunch of different things for this time frame and since their reception was in Lebanon, PA - we decided to do a "stop and shoot" trip along Route 422 which runs between Hershey and Lebanon. So what's a stop and shoot you ask? Well, for us, it's driving along and keeping our eyes peeled for whatever sparks our creative fancy alongside the road. Oh it was fun! Before we left to do this, we went back down near the factory, and worked with a tunnel and some cool stonework near there. Then the whole wedding party jumped in the limo and followed us and off we went! We stopped in three different locations along Route 422 - and produced some pretty frickin rad portraits!

Although there were only about 50ish guests at the wedding, the reception totally rocked! Jillian and Ryan kept all of their guests moving by having some fun things planned - shots for the dollar dance, about 600 or so glo sticks, and some killer dance moves! They were all over the dance floor.

We totally had a blast at this wedding - so without further gabbly gabbing - here are the pix!
Ok I dont know why, ok yeah I do know why - this image is funny. It's just our sense of humor, you have to meet us to get it. Really.
Oooh baby! Look at that image!
Jillian was having a blast up on that wall.
I love this shot of Ryan!
Jillian and her dad - he was trying to keep her warm while we did some family shots. It was really chilly!
This is just too funny to pass up - Jillian had the bottom of her dress hiked up over her head so that it could get bustled. I don't think she was very comfortable. In fact, she looks like she is in pain.
The wind really had a mind of its own and what it wanted to do with Jillian's veil that day.
Oh yeah, here are the Hi-Fives. These guys were all about Hi-Fives all day, so we had to incorporate it into a very exuberant wedding party shot. Look at Jillian's bridesmaid, she is getting some air!
Good times, good times.
I love this shot of the Chocolate Factory through the fence - look at that sky!
These two knew how to work the camera! Oh yeah!
This is actually our first stop on our little Route 422 trip - Joel spied this green shed in an empty parking lot - we all whipped into the parking lot, hopped out and off we went!
Ooh yumma yumma! This was our 2nd stop - I saw out of the corner of my eye this awesome field and the light was super sweet. We got everyone out for this one and did a wedding party shot.
and Joel and I fought over some ring shots. Mine won. ;)
The reception was actually held at Coleman Chapel in Lebanon, which is an old church converted into a reception place. Joel's mom was actually married here 6 years ago. Anyway, the stained glass windows in the background made for a nice accent to the first dance.
Jillian and Ryan told us at their final meeting that it was going to be a smashing - we were all ready for it...
...but I don't think they were!
Ryan needed some assistance cleaning up cake and icing.
Ready for the dollar dance? We sure are! We LOVE dollar dances! So much fun stuff happens during them!
Ryan and his mom were getting down!
Oh yeah, the glo sticks have entered the building. :)
A final kiss was called for!
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