Elena and the Pumpkin Patch

Friday, November 7, 2008 - Babies & Kids
Woo hoo, here's Elena again! This is the shoot that almost never happened. On our way to this farm to meet Elena and her parents we got lost TWICE, plus we detoured because of an accident. Even though we had a heck of a time getting there we had a great shoot. Elena was a little hesitant at first, but she warmed up quick and we got a ton of big beautiful smiles out of her, not to mention a few funny faces.
Aw, Daddy gave Elena a flower :)
I love this fish face!
This is where Elena really started to open up and have a good time, of course with a little help from Daddy.
What can I say about this one? She is adorable.
Goat, I love goats too :)
So no what?
I got a whole sock full of bub-a-lice getting this shot. Anyone outside of PA know what bub-a-lice is? It's those little velcro like balls that stick to your socks.
too... heavy... to... lift...
Too cute! Thanks for the smiles Elena.
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