Fall in Hershey with Ken and Marissa

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 - Weddings
Ken and Marissa had a beautiful day on October 4th - perfect fall weather! There was so much activity - I just need to rattle it all off! The ringbearer lost Marissa's wedding band right before the ceremony (find out more on that below!), we played in the bushes at the Hershey Chocolate factory, and had golf cart races at Hershey Country Club. The reception sported some really wicked moves from Ken (air guitar baby!) and Marissa (phenomenal footwork to Cotton Eye Joe) - as well as some fab moves from their guests.

We just loved working with the both of them and are super excited for their upcoming post-wedding session (we will be galavanting around Philadelphia!). We had been a little nervous because as you know, we really enjoy spending time with our couples before the wedding day. With these two, they have such busy schedules we weren't able to meet Ken until the wedding day! We had first met with Marissa back in the spring with her parents and spent some time getting to know her then. For Ken, we met right before the ceremony, but we all just hit it off right away! He was really excited to see us there, and it showed! :)

Ken's niece was so cute - she was putting makeup on just like Marissa was.
Love this moment I captured of Marissa sitting on the bed. She was just sitting there while her mom and bridesmaids were adjusting her veil in the front.
Wonderfully handsome shot of Ken just outside the church.
The girls were all hiding in the limo-bus before the ceremony. They were watching all of the guests go in to the ceremony.
Fall themed programs!
Marissa was trying to peak in to see when she was supposed to walk down the aisle - I think she was a little anxious!
They just couldn't stop smiling during the ceremony!
AND on the way out the door.
Married - with a crazy veil!
Ken's groomsman was VERY excited that Ken and Marissa tied the knot. :)
Oh yeah - so apparently the ring bearer dropped Marissa's wedding band at the beginning of the ceremony and lost it. They had to use one of the groomsman's wedding bands for the ceremony. Afterwards, it was found, and here Ken is putting the REAL ring on Marissa's finger. :)
And everyone thought it was hilarious!
The kids were having a blast - ya know, singing into bubbles...
This guy didn't look too happy though.
I love this shot!
It was such a perfect sky day.
I don't know why, there is just something about this photo that I really love - Joel thinks so too...
Here is some fun in the cocoa bushes...
And Marissa and Ken were really having fun as we raced across the golf course at the country club.
A pretty awesome ring shot by Joel.
And I love, love this shot.
Yep, that is some dip! Ken and Marissa did a swing dance for their first dance and they were all over the dance floor- it was really grand!d
House of Clarendon special cupcakes, yum, yum!
Ken andhis sis!
Sorry Marissa, this shot was just too funny not to post!
Awww.....group girl hug!
This guy was getting his moves going on.
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