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Saturday, October 11, 2008 - Weddings
Brooke and Nick! Woohoo! We have been dying to get this one up on the blog for the last couple of weeks, but we have been so slammed we are sorely behind on blogging - so I must apologize. Thanks so much to Brooke and Nick for being so patient while we went through all of their awesomely cool and wonderful images to get the best ones below! Their wedding on September 20th was not to be forgotten.

So what does blue and green equal? Well, Brooke and Nick's fabulous day of course! Brooke had some pretty unforgettable details - all in blue and green. Brooke is one of the designers at Two Paper Dolls, and there were soooo many amazing paper details throughout the day - we were on detail overload! Of course the colors were a soft spot for us, as they are our own branding colors. :)

It was a whirlwhind of a day! Getting ready at the Desmond Hotel, the first sight at a park near the Desmond, off to the ceremony at a church in West Chester, some rad portraits at an old section of the West Chester railroad, a short pit stop at a cute little antique shop, and then back to the Desmond for the reception! Whew! I could go on and on about all of the faulousness of the day, but I think the photos below explain it all!

Joel caught some great shots of Nick and the guys getting ready.
Brooke had a really beautiful gown!
Makeup time in the hotel room, Brooke was right next to the window, so I had some awesome light to work with.
Yumma, yumma, yumma! Look at all of that deliciousness! Brooke had a bunch of her invitations, programs, etc. out for me to capture. I was so glad she thought of it!
Some paper dolls - how appropriate! :)
Brooke taking a final peek in the mirror before it was off to get on her gown.
Brooke was smiling from ear to ear as she got ready, I knew she had been anticipating this for so long! She has been planning for quite some time now - and luckily she had some great help from a wonderful wedding planner - Jenn Poletti from Perfect Planners - that's Jenn there helping Brooke secure her veil.
I think Nick was checking out some game scores on his phone. :)
Moments after that first look. We found this great old farmhouse in the park we were shooting in, the textures on it were really great to work with.
Simply beautiful - simply Brooke!
Joel's bouquet shot - he liked the reflection on the limo.
The programs!
Brooke was making some final touch ups before the ceremony began.
Brooke being escorted by her mom and dad. Here mom was super excited to see everyone all lined up in the front!
Nick, beaming - who wouldn't be? Brooke looked absolutely gorgeous!
The stained glass windows were providing some great lighting behind Brooke and Nick during the ceremony - we really loved the shadows they were casting on the floor in front.
How totally rad are these socks? Nick and all of his guys had them on - I think they said they went to like 4 different Macy's stores to buy them all. That's a lot of socks!
At the old train yard, we found some interesting things to work with. This old van was out behind some of the rail cars, I couldn't help myself, I had to do this shot. It just spoke to me!
Joel had a thing for the bouquet this day - as he got another bouquet shot using the van as a prop.
Now some fun with the train cars...
Oh yeah, some bright orange! This was the old antique shop we stopped at - Brooke loved it for its funky colors. It really made for some great shots.
Lots of cocktail hour conversation!
Oh yeah! The photobooth! Brooke and Nick had your good old fashioned black and white photobooth - it was a huge hit. And for you photographers out there that know anything about photo labs, this was a photobooth that actually had the chemistry inside it! It was it's own minilab! The nice man that was running the booth, gave us a little personal tour inside it, it was really cool!

Here two of Brooke's bridesmaids were making some faces for the camera in the booth...
Oh and can you see the super cool custom posters Brooke made for the sides of the booth!? How totally cool is that?
Some of the guests were admiring the assembled photo strips - Brooke also had customized strips for people to put their photos on and take home as a favor from the evening. What a great favor? Who doesn't like taking home photos? Especially photobooth photos? :)
Mixing up some drinks!
Check out this reception room. Completely totally uber cool!
And....look at that cake!
More paper yumminess...
THe first dance, and these two were cracking it up all over the dance floor.
Toasts always make for great shots!
An advice and wishes board!
Nick and his mom sharing a moment on the dancefloor. They were so cute!
Ah, the happy couple's photostrip.
Love this cake cutting shot - they just look soooo happy!
And another surprise! Brooke had a custom groom's cake made for Nick - a baseball cap and ball - the Boston Red Sox! He was so surprised when the wheeled it out on the floor!
Time for this party to get it's groove on... end the evening - a TastyKake dessert bar! Boxes and boxes of TastyKakes were brought out - this was before they were all set up in their fancy little baskets, but I thought the hoards of boxes made for a cool shot.
A few last shots of this trendy couple in their photobooth...
And one kickin' ring shot to end the day!!
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