Dutch Wonderland

Thursday, June 15, 2006 - Personal
When you are a kid there are places in the world that you would do anything to visit. Places that condense so much fun in your tiny little brain that the memories will stick to you like cotton candy. It's amazing to return to a place like this and watch your own kids have those experiences.

Most people outside of our corner of PA have no idea what the heck Dutch Wonderland is. It's this tiny glorified carnival with a PA Dutch fantasy theme. There is a fibre glass cow that you can actually milk, a car ride called the Turnpike, a mini train, and a ferry boat ride. Actually they have added a ton of stuff since I was there as a kid. There is now a waterpark that takes up a good portion of the west side of the park.

When Rita was a kid this was vacation for them. They looked forward to going there like some people look forward to Disney. In fact there are some similarities. The front facade is a castle... Well, ok, so that's the only similarity, but it's still a total kick for the little guys.

Zane was able to ride almost everything, except for the big roller coaster. Haydn and Mommy went on that alone, twice. Daddy and Zane had to find a diversion, because when Zane realized what he was missing he had a bit of a "meltdown". I was so broken hearted for the little guy, because I can vivdly remember the exact same thing happening to me at Busch Gardens with the Loch Ness Monster. I remember standing at the height mark and crying my eyes out. I am sure my curly red head was flailng around just like Zane's was. I bet I screamed so hard that no sound came out, just like Zaney did.

It was such a happy and sad day all mixed into one. The good and the not so good, but mostly the good. Kinda like the itchy burlap bag you have to sit on to enjoy the Giant Slide. The bitter and the sweet, but mostly the sweet. Oh did I mention the fudge. Mmmmm