Alisa and Kevin - Words Can't Even Express...The FUN!

Thursday, September 11, 2008 - Weddings
I just don't even know where to start. We knew from the minute we met these two we were going to have a blast. Not only did we have a blast, they rocked our socks off. :) Our first meeting with Alisa and Kevin lasted nearly 3 hours. Yup, 3 hours. We had so much in common and everything totally just clicked. We talked about movies, soda (Kevin works in marketing at Pepsi), Connecticut (that's where these two live), their families and everything in between. Kevin is originally from Elizabethtown, PA, not far from here, so they decided to have their wedding in the Central PA area. Alisa and her family are from New York, and having spent most of her life in the city, she found Lancaster County fascinating. HMPH! Lancaster county fascinating, imagine that. :) Just kidding guys, Lancaster is an awesome place, cause it is right smack dab in the middle of everything - Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, New York - all within 1.5-3 hours - plus, Lancaster has country charm. :)

So Alisa decided that if she was going to go country, she wanted to go all out COUNTRY. So what is one of the most country things you can think of? Cows? Right. Corn field? Right. A Barn? Right. How bout an entire farm? Well of course! Alisa and Kevin signed on to have their reception at the Country Barn. This location, if you remember, is one of our favorite places to go for pumpkin patch time. We have visited this place for years with our own family, and just recently, they have started a reception venue. Farmer Jim, as we love to call him, revamped the inside of his barn, and we now have a really sweet, Lancaster County original down home reception venue. We LOVE it and can't wait to get back there! Alisa and Kevin transformed the interior (with the help of the uber awesome Lori Hemphill of The Perfect Plan) into something magnificent! There were so many great little details - paper lanterns hanging everywhere, a FULLY stocked bar, chocolate martinis, a photobooth, a Lancaster county buffet, including homemade Mac N Cheese AND a dessert buffet including all of our local favorites - whoopie pies, shoofly pie and pumpkin roll. Yuuuuhhhhmmmmyyyy!

Ok, so I have really gone on a tangent just about the reception details, but I couldn't help it. I do want to say some stuff about the rest of the day! This super cool day started out at the Hotel Hershey where Alisa and Kevin and their parties got ready, and had their first glimpse of each other. I need to say - how absolutely darling their nieces are - Alisa told me that these little girls are their entire world, and I can see why! They are just precious, so you will see quite a bit of photos of them here in this post. We just couldn't stop photographing them!

After the morning preparations were finished, we headed over to the Masonic Homes, where the ceremony was to be held in the formal gardens. Alisa surprised us with another awesome touch - she had over 75 parasols (in varying shades of blue) for the guests during the ceremony. It was not an overly hot day, unless you were in the sun, and of course, the ceremony was out in the sun! So the too cool parasols came in quite handy.

Once over at the reception we can't even describe the fun we had. We traipsed around the farm getting some portraits of the happy couple, and then the party rocked all night from the moment the music started. Up until the wedding, we had thought Kevin was the more reserved of the two - but Alisa warned us - Kevin is very deceiving - he is a party animal! He certainly was, as he was all over the dance floor - and we were to keep our eyes out for his special moves to "Footloose". What a treat!

We honestly couldn't have had a better time photographing than we did on this day, we just love our couples so much and Alisa and Kevin are truly something special. Kevin with his quiet humor, and Alisa - her smile could light up the night sky. Love you both and congratulations!

First up here are all of those flower girls - they were all trying to put shoes on the youngest - and it turned out they weren't even her shoes! They were like 2 sizes too big for her. :)
Alisa and her mom sharing a moment, with little eyes watching.
The oldest was primping in the mirror, and the youngest was playing peekaboo in the closet - how adorable!
Yes, we did it! Moments after their first look...
Alisa's dad was getting a little choked up here as he saw her for the first time in her dress...
You can just see how much they love these girls. Love this shot, just love it.
Ok, I promise that we didn't ONLY take photos of the girls, but again, they are just too cute...
Already getting sleepy and the day isn't even half way through!
A great wedding party, they were all super nice.
Love this shot Joel grabbed of Alisa dancing around the garden.
Playing with her veil...
And going after her soon to be husband!
I LOVED, loved, loved Kevin's tie - it's "Fish and Chips" :) (poker chips that is)
Joel liked this cute shot of Alisa, Kevin and Kevin's grandmother.
All of the parasols lined up like little ducks.
Alisa's dad helping her mom with her shoe - awwww
One of the main buildings at the homes has this cool underground tunnel system - here's Alisa and her dad on the way to the ceremony.
This shot just does it for me.
An overview of the ceremony site - don't those parasols look awesome!?
Look at that smile!
This is one of my favorite shots of the day - just look at those expressions! Kevin couldn't get his ring on...
And yes! We are married. :)
Over at the farm, it's playtime.
Like for real, it's playtime.
The interior of the barn.
Love, love this shot that Joel took in the silo - yep INSIDE the silo (the header photo up at the top was taken in the silo too)
The million dollar laugh/smile.
Yes! A COW!
Chocolate martinis in the chicken coop anyone?
Oh my god! I forgot about the ham balls! Now that's a real PA Dutch treat.
Those girls again, petting the farm dog.
She was sooo down for the count.
I told you it was a fully stocked bar. Totally.
A great first dance - to a great song - "Grow Old with You" - the song from Adam Sandler's, The Wedding Singer!
NOW, the party is getting started.
Oh yeah - and that is really a rooster perched on the door to the reception room - and YES, he stayed there all night!
Now THIS is a dance shot.
This little one is back up and hittin the dance floor!
In the photobooth!
And we HAD to end this post with Kevin doing one of his splits - of course, to Footloose! Rock on Kevin!
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