A Simply Lovely Day with Sandra and Matt

Friday, September 5, 2008 - Weddings
Sweet, goofy, sincere, happy, lovey-dovey, and simply radiant - these all describe the wonderful Sandra and Matt. They are two of the nicest, most down to earth people, and it just radiates from them. Their engagement session was very memorable, as these two wanted to show off their spontaneity. I remember walking towards this big hill, and all of a sudden Sandra throws herself on the ground and starts rolling down the hill. Matt, not to be outdone, also threw himself on the ground and started rolling - he built up a little bit more momentum, and actually rolled right over top of Sandra. The landed in a big grassy mess at the bottom of the hill, laughing and aching from the collision. Those were good times.

We made a whole new set of good times on their wedding day, August 23rd. Sandra looked just beautiful. Very elegant, very calm, and very ready to marry Matt! Sandra is quite the jokester, and when we had sat down with her and Matt for their final meeting before the wedding, she was teasing him that she was going to wear a bright orange pantsuit for the wedding. (As you can see below she didnt'!) But we of course had to bring that up on the wedding day. We made Matt a little nervous before the wedding, telling him that Sandra looked awesome in the orange pantsuit. :)

Sandra had a few other surprises in store for Matt, including a custom aisle runner she had made for them, and another surprise of custom bobbleheads at the reception (They were carbon copies of Matt and Sandra!) The fun didn't end there, as we went over to Longwood Gardens after the ceremony and baked out in the sun for a little while. As we arrived at Longwood, Sandra whipped out armfuls of "snack bags" for all of the wedding party and us! She had brown bags with granola bars, raising, cookies, etc, etc, etc. It was perfect timing and totally awesome! We were all starving, so we all walked in munching away on our goodies. Sandra's the best!

The reception was fairly short, as it was an early day wedding, but it didn't lack fun-ness. We were there right until the end, and we all ended up getting pretty goofy - Sandra and her sister were dancing all over the place, and then we decided to do a self portrait in one of the huge mirrors in the reception room (Mendenhall Inn near Kennett Square, PA). That is the shot above in the header. Our associate photographer, Kingston, was tagging along for the day, so there we are!

Sandra literally glowing - in her beautiful white gown! (Sorry, no orange pantsuit, although that would be interesting and different!)
Loved this shot. Isn't that sky fantastic!?
Love, love, love soybean fields and haybales. The lighting and sky was totally perfect for this shot. I did keep fighting with the sun though, as it kept peaking in and out of clouds.
Sandra's dad was such a happy guy!
Matt was pretty nervous standing up there.
The custom aisle runner Sandra surprised Matt with.
Lots and lots of bubbles!
Had to go back out to the field before we headed to Longwood. I needed to get these two up on those haybale stacks.
Sandra, showing off the contents of her snack bags!
Sandra and Matt got some groove, but their wedding party...umm....they were protesting a bit. :)
This totally fits Sandra's personality!
Sandra was trying to steal some of Matt's dinner! I guess she was SUPER hungry.
Where did my kid go? I don't see him anywhere!
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the funny about the bubbles. Sandra had put Matt in charge of ordering the bubbles for the wedding - Matt ordered these and when they came in, they were like What the heck? The groom looks like he has a hat or something on, and the bride's veil looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie - not to mention, she is showing way too much cleavage. But ya know what? They make for a lovely ring shot. :)
Yep, it's true. Funfetti wedding cake. Only these two!
Starting to get some groove on! Sandra, her sister and her mom, get down!
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